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Business Notices

Business Notices

Sell woven wire mesh & cloth

Thursday 4th August 2011, 5:40PM

Hebei Tengfei Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd
Woven wire mesh & cloth
Woven wire mesh can also be called crimped wire mesh :
According to the material of different can also called the iron and steel, stainless steel ginning cotton ginning network, crimped wire rod
woven wire mesh ( Crimped Wire Mesh) Material: black wire, wire, wire, white means, stainless steel wire, wire etc all kinds of non-ferrous metal wire
woven wire mesh (Crimped Wire Mesh) After finishing weaving: first, two-way every wave bending, bending, bending, lock roof every wave bending, one-way two-way bending
woven wire mesh( Crimped Wire Mesh )Characteristics: the structure is beautiful, strong and durable
woven wire mesh (Crimped Wire Mesh) Purposes: mainly used for mine, MeiChang, construction, petroleum chemical industry, construction machinery, etc

Mesh cloth can be supplied "as cut" from the roll or in flat panels of varying sizes and shapes.

Mesh filters are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and cloth types for an infinte number of applications. Mesh baskets and trays can also be manufactured to any specification or size. Industries supplied include food handling, general engineering, transport, building, chemical and others.

Packing: water-proof paper and weaving bag, or according to customers’ requirements.
Delivery time: Within 10 days on based of the quantity one 20ft container