Buck-Me By Jellicoe Noodle

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903 Botany road, Mascot NSW 2020

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About Buck-Me By Jellicoe Noodles

www.jellicoenoodle.com always tries out best to provide competitively-priced and THE BEST NOODLES in Sydney and deliver the highest quality customer service, and by always appreciating and listening to its customers! So, if you are looking for THE BEST “Indonesian” Style of NOODLE in Australia SINCE 1999, come and visit our Jellicoe Noodle at Mascot. You can pick up the phone to order and even order online now (Confirm with a phone) and Take away our noodle. (We are working on delivery system around Sydney so we can accept delivery).
After the First shop in 1999, their customers, mainly from Indonesian Community keep on asking the owner to re-open the shop and finally in August 2007, Jellicoe noodle re-open the noodle shop (For the 3rd time) at MASCOT. To expand their market to a broader Australian market, they name the shop now, “BUCK-ME” (“BAKMI” in Indonesia means Noodle). Indonesian community know what it means and other customer can easily remember the Name of the shop.



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